The Making Of…

May 29, 2012 by
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Jonathan Rowson wrote a couple of days ago on Tim Jackson’s argument that the pursuit of ever more productive labour harms some things that we should value; care, craft & culture. Far from being a lone voice in this, Tim is joined by many, and in this quick post I wanted to highlight the growing number of ‘maker videos’ that illustrate the same message in a more sensory way (turn the sound on before watching!).

Here is the video by Juriaan Booij to accompany the recent Power of Making exhibition at the V&A.

Here is another of Tom Donhou in his workshop in Norwich, where he speaks about his move from a London design consultancy to his bike-building cottage industry:

Lastly, I came across (in a recent Design Observer post with some criticism of the predictability of the genre) this rather nice video of Thomas Forsyth casting a giant brass nut:

Enough to make you put down the mouse and pick up a brazing torch!